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Gcode Webserver

As an extension of the gcode sender, I created a python webserver that can be run on a raspberry pi to make a 3D Printer wireless. Github

Gcode Sender

A python script that allows the user to process GCode files and send commands to a 3D printer over serial. This is part of a larger project but the Github for this specific part can be found here


For a hackathon, I created a chrome extension that allows users to edit the css of a site and create presets that can be used later. Download the extension here! Or you can view the source code here

Threaded Wallbrace

The lamp in my room fell apart and instead of buying a new one, I figured I could just mount it to the wall. The lamp head connected to the body with a screw so I designed a threaded brace in fusion360 to attach it to the wall.

Twitch Username Scraper

I made a set of tools that make it easier to find available usernames on twitch. They are written in python and use selenium for webscraping. Try it at the Github here

Terminal Yahtzee

I wrote a text base version of the board game Yahtzee in Python3. It can be played from the command line and contains all features of Yahtzee. The Github can be found here

Idylwilde Compost Bins

For my Eagle Scout project, I built compost bins for my towns community garden. They were constructed using a mix of chainlink fencing and pressure treated wood. In this project I researched and designed the compost bins. I also led a group in the construction.

Taser Bop It

I modified a Bop It so that it would shock the user whenever they lose. The Bop It has been updated since the original creation. It works by connection a transistor to the speaker output of the Bop It. When the speaker is active, the transistor controls a greater current which opens a relays. On the relay, a boost convertor is connected to a 9 volt battery and rails on the handle. The circuit runs through the NC side of the relay making it go off when the sound stops, signifying the player losing. A video of it can be found here.